Why Us?

What is Really Simple Ordering?

Really Simple Ordering is a powerful, yet simple to use online ordering system designed exclusively for the restaurant industry. Its powerful features make ordering a breeze for your customers, yet gives you total control of payment method, ordering methods, delivery areas, hours of operations and so much more.

How can Really Simple Ordering benefit me?

Really Simple Ordering is like having a 2nd store front without all the overhead. Whether from a desktop, table or smart phone the rate of online ordering increases each.
It’s estimated that if you don’t have an online ordering system you may be losing at least 20% of potential sales, not to mention losing current customers to other restaurants who offer the service.

Here are some simple comparisons;

Really Simple Ordering charges a LOW FLAT monthly fee for unlimited orders while others charge a scaling percentage that only increases with the volume.

With Really Simple Ordering payments go directly to you, as you are able to use your own merchant account or collect cash on delivery. With them, the percentage that you receive can be held up to a month. In the mean while you have had to pay for rent, goods, utilities and staff.

With the Really Simple Ordering platform you have total control of your entire customer’s data such as email, phone number and address for feature promotions, exclusive offers. While they keep exclusive control of your entire data base including your customers. In fact, is common practice for them to send your customers competing offers and drive traffic away from you.